Thursday, September 29, 2016

the One who holds the stars ...

my desire for human connection runs markedly deep. it is one i am pretty poor at expressing, and when i do it is rare, and usually born out of desperation. so when i do, and it is not recognized, or honored, it can feel devastating. after a day that has left me reeling, on top of many days and weeks and months that have left me reeling, all i want is a soft place to land. instead i find myself battling devastation, but getting in the car, these are the words i hear …

If you can hold the stars in place
You can hold my heart the same
Whenever I fall away
Whenever I start to break
So here I am, lifting up my heart
To the one who holds the stars
(Stars - Skillet)

and then this …

You built me up like a city of gold
The battles rage but I'm standing tall
You formed my heart like an empire
The wind and rain can't stop this fire
If only I could see it from Your perspective
The beauty and the grace of Your architecture
(Architecture - Jonathan Thulin)

and this …

There’s a brokenness inside of you
there’s a wound that still reminds you
of the fear, shame and rejection
you have seen it, you have seen it
You know it’s time to get up
but your heart’s paralyzed, you’re so stuck
you’re past the point of trying again
you’re defeated, you’re defeated

But something inside you can’t deny
you hear the call of your Creator
I made you for more, unlocked the door
I wanna restore your Glory

So Rise
Breaking the dark, piercing the night
you’re made to shine
an army of hope, bringing the world a radiant light, a radiant light
you were made to Rise
(Rise - Danny Gokey)

and so here i sit, letting the truth of these lyrics wash over me, putting the pain to use, refusing to let it steal my voice like it has for far too long. the point here is not the pain, but how God meets us in it and speaks exactly what our hurting hearts need to hear ... if we are willing to listen. i’m so grateful for the reminders that He alone - maker of the very stars - holds my heart, and that, standing strong amidst the battles, wind and rain, i am called to something higher. i pray that these reminders speak to someone else’s heart, as well. find these songs and listen to them. don’t give in to the despair when it threatens to overcome. 

human connection will fail you time and again, but the healing power of HIS love NEVER will ... (psalm 136)

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